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         An effort to bring all Churches, Christian Denominations under one head.

         To give World Wide Web presence to all Indian Christian Bishop's Houses and its respective Churches.

         Using Information Technology ( Internet) for exchange of information.

         Controlling the expenses incurred due to the non-functioning of the websites every Christian Denomination
            has begun, due to one or other reason.

         To facilitate the message and monthly programme of the Bishop to reach the Congregation / Parish.

         To facilitate the particulars of the incidents taking place in every Christian Denomination to reach
           the members of the Congregation.

         To know the history of all old, Indian Churches, from any corner of the world.

         To enable the reports released from the Bishop's Office to reach the Congregation coming to the Church
           and also to save the same through Internet till the announcement of the next.

         By using " Priest Search" option - to have contact with the priests of the Church who had worked
           earlier and left their Parishes.

         To provide the address of the Christian Publications in different languages in India, to the members of
           the Congregation and help them to contact the address.

         To make the particulars of the Religious Articles for eg. Cassettes, CD's, Book shops, Statues, Rosaries etc.,
           released every time to reach the members of the Congregation through our online religious shopping mall.


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