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The Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount - Christian Pilgrim Centre In India

A top a quiet hillock on the outskirts of the bustling Mumbai city, it is one India's most popular Catholic pilgrimage centres. It is among world's most popular centres of Marian devotion. A beautiful Basilica dedicated to Our Lady of the Mount is the main attraction.

In 1954 during the National Marian Congress Pope Pius XII designated the shrine as a Minor Basilica. The shrine was renovated and given most of the present day features in 1904 as part of the golden jubilee of Pope Pius IX's Declaration of the Immaculate Conception in 1854.

Thousands, including many non-Catholics, flock to Bandra, especially during the festival season in September. Childless couples come with tiny wax babies praying for children. Sick people liqht candles in the shape of their troubled organ and pray.

Pilgrim Season and Festival: In September the festival is a week long fair, locally known as the Bandra Fair. Fun and frolic of a typical Indian fair is abundantly visible, where thousands of devotees flock in devotion. Nativity of Our Lady of the Mount is celebrated on the first sunday after September 8. It IS preceded by a week of devotion and novena.

Location: On the outskirts of India's commercial capital Mumbai in western Indian state of Maharashtra. Mumbai has an International airport and well-networked railway and road transport systems.

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Source: Catholic Dir Of India 2005