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Charlie Church Mouse 3D Bible Adventures 2


Product Description :
Charlie Church Mouse: 3D Bible Adventures 2 is an interactive world that gives kids an opportunity to run, jump and explore as they control and guide Charlie in an exciting 3D theme park called Bible Adventures. Children learn classic Bible stories from the Old & New Testament and academic skills vital to childhood development. Kids can win badges and awards, collect Charlie Coins and find hidden Bible verses throughout the park

Key Features
Loads of Age Appropriate Learning Activities:
Colors, Shapes, Numbers
Letters, Addition, Subtraction
Time, Spelling, Rhyming
Synonyms, Antonyms
Reasoning Skills, & Much More!

Exciting Bible Adventures Each game has 9 exciting bible adventures! David & Goliath, The Story of Queen Esther Paul's Journey to Rome, and more.


Multiple Levels of Difficulty
* With multiple skill levels, the game can grow with your child.
* Preschool
* Kindergarten
* Early Elementary


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