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King Solomon's Trivia Challenge 2

Product Description
King Solomon's Trivia Challenge 2 is a Bible based trivia game presented m a game show atmosphere complete with a funny host and over-lhe-top visuals. Over 1000 Bible related questions in 10 categories will challenge your knowledge of the Bible. Achieve rewards and rankings while unlocking new characters. Up to 3 players can play head-to-head and battle it out for Bible knowledge supremacy.


Key Features
Enjoy hours of fun with more than 1,000 Bible-based trivia questions

Feel the excitement and thrill of game show expenence

Laugh with your friends at the hilarious, over-the-top host and crazy, visual surprises

Choose your own 3D avatar with funny and enthusiastic animations

Play solo or with up to 2 of your friends in multiplayer

Engage m more than 5 types of trivia challenges including:

Brain Blitz
Name That Book
Picture This
Who Am I


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